3 Oct 2015

impact - the heart of business

One of the most successful entrepreneurs featured at the Forbes website, Wendy Lipton - Dibner said that "the success of your business would solely depend on you. The only thing you can rely on is your power to achieve your goal".

She shared her success story at the Forbes website and said that when she was young she learned a very important business objective from her high school activity and that is to go out, explore, come back and explain how money is made in business. This is an objective she never forgot until she made millions for herself. When she was already very successful, she never stopped understanding business and how it really works. Profit is the number one goal in business and how you make it is a natural talent. Yes, there may be a lot of guidelines given and showed on television and the internet but only you know how you will make your sales to the top.

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That’s awesome! Future belongs to youngsters, so businessmen can’t ignore their needs in any case.

Bernard Showreply

30 Oct 2015

The author did a great job with all these research work. Really valuable information, thank you!

Sarah Colereply

30 Oct 2015

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